Hotel and Resorts

Hotels: Addis Ababa has hotels that cater for all pockets, from the luxurious Sheraton and Hilton hotels to the tourist class hotels.

Outside Addis, mainly in the ' Historic Route ', there are best available standard hotels. However, to visit the remote and the people of the wilderness, our camping equipments are of high standard.

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Paradise lodge
Aregash lodge yirga Alem
Buska lodge
Seimyen  mountain  lodge
seimyen  mountains
Jupiter  hotel
Addis Ababa
Embelta  hotel
Addis Ababa
Intercontinental Addis Aaba
Lal  hotel lalibela
Mount view Lalibela
Tukul village lalibela
Goha hotel Gonder
Yeha hotel Axum
Summer land hotel Bahir dar